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HULD is a two person band whose music may best be described as Ambient Fantasy Folk.

Our name is derived from the Icelandic word „hulda“ meaning „secrecy“. We love to tell stories and explore the mysterious and dark nature of fairytales and humankind as a whole, and this reflects in our lyrics as well as in our songwriting.

But HULD is more than that: It’s an all-around art project, where everything – from writing and recording, mixing and artwork to merch design – is done by the band members themselves. As of now, we’re fully independent, with no label behind our releases.

Klaus Gruber | dolphin photography www.dolphinphotography.de

Sophie is the main singer and multi instrumentalist of HULD. While songwriting is a combined effort, she writes the lyrics and melodies inspired by instrumental bits and pieces the two record whenever inspiration hits them.

She also creates some of the orchestration, and were money, time and space no issue, would surely collect every single possible type of instrument in the world.

Besides all this, Sophie is a visual artist too, and she paints the artworks for their songs. She is also the one who came up with the band name and logo.

Klaus Gruber | dolphin photography www.dolphinphotography.de

Thorsten is the main instrumentalist and second voice of HULD.

He’s been a professional musician for most of his adult life and has been recording, mixing and mastering music for years now as well. He plays a big part in writing and arranging songs and always has a way to bring out the best of the rough ideas Sophie comes up with.

Not only does Thorsten basically play any instrument with strings attached to it, he also does most of the studio work and, throughout the past years, has set up a little home studio for the two to record in.